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sandow UI Kit

AI-Driven Fitness & Nutrition App

Sandow UI Kit is a powerful app solution for your AI fitness & nutrition projects. Craft streamlined user interfaces that inspire healthy living and vitality.

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"True strength is not just about lifting weights. It's about conquering challenges and pushing beyond limits."
— Eugen Sandow


Inspired by the Father of Modern Bodybuilding, the Sandow UI Kit is a dynamic design solution for your fitness & nutrition apps. 🏋️️

It includes many AI-centric features from Fitness Metrics, Activity Tracker, Personalized Coaching & AI Fitness Chatbot. 🤖

Designed with energy & persistence, this UI Kit empowers your users to navigate their fitness journey with confidence! ⚡


data driven

Product Preview

Product Highlights

  • 340+ Screens, 300+ Components, 3x Bonus Dashboard✔
  • Dark Mode Support, Accessibility Guideline✔
  • sandow Icon Set ✔
  • sandow Design System ✔
  • Organized Layer & Clean Naming ✔
  • Lifetime Update & Support ✔
  • Holistic Design Principle ✔
  • Font Included (Work Sans by Wei Huang, Google Font License) ✔

File Formats

SH Sandow UI Kit is exclusively available in Figma file format for easy customization, update & collaboration for your fitness app projects. 🔥


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Stay tuned for upcoming releases as we continually refine and expand the SH Sandow UI Kit based on your valuable feedback! 🌟🏃️

  • v1.0 - Initial sandow v1.0 release
  • v1.1 - Component & Variant update. Added utility screens & helper components. New loaders, improved progress bar. Improved onboarding screens. Improved coach booking.
  • v1.2 - Minor typography & color palette tweak. New app flow: fitness community & workshop. +30 new UI icons (emotion, activity, etc). New search screens. Better semantics & efficient variant (inspired by ant, material, carbon, etc).
  • v1.3 - Badges, achievements & leaderboards. Accessibility tweak. +16 UI Icons.
  • v1.4 - +75 UI Icons, improved components (input number, radio, accordion, file upload, breadcrumb). +1 Bonus Dashboard.
  • v1.5 - +102 UI Icons, +22 new screens, minor component tweak, optimized filesize.

Licensing & Usage Rights

✔ Do:

  • Use the sandow UI Kit for personal and commercial projects.
  • Modify and customize the UI Kit to fit your needs.
  • Use the UI Kit in multiple projects without extra fees.

❌ Don't:

  • Do not resell, redistribute, or sublicense the UI Kit or its components.
  • Claim ownership of the sandow UI Kit as your own.
  • Use the UI Kit for illegal, harmful, or offensive purposes.


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We value your feedback and can't wait to hear about your experience using it for your fitness & nutrition projects! 🤗👍🍺

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