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asklepios UI Kit

AI-Driven Healthcare & Wellness UI Kit

asklepios UI Kit is an intelligent app solution for creating data-driven user interfaces for your modern healthcare projects.

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"The greatest wealth is health."
— Virgil


Inspired by the Greek god of healing, the asklepios UI kit empowers you to create intuitive, data-driven 📊 healthcare & wellness user interfaces with an array of smart mobile app features. ➕

Our intelligent UI kit blends healthcare and AI technology to streamline your personalized health projects. 🤖


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personalized health

Product Preview

Product Highlights

  • 320+ Screens, 300+ Components, 4x Bonus Dashboard✔
  • 55+ Healthcare Illustrations ✔
  • Dark Mode Support ✔
  • asklepios Icon Set ✔
  • asklepios Design System ✔
  • Holistic Design Principle ✔
  • Smart Layer (Autolayout) & Semantics ✔
  • Lifetime Update & Support ✔
  • Font Included (Jakarta Plus Sans by Tokotype, Google Font License) ✔

File Formats

The asklepios UI Kit is exclusively available on Figma to ensure smooth optimization, updates, and integration for your healthcare & wellness projects. 🌞🌈


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Stay tuned for future updates as we continuously improve and expand the kit based on your valuable feedback and evolving design needs! 🏥

  • v1.0: Initial asklepios UI Kit v1.0 public release.
  • v1.1: Design System tweaks, Typography & Color tweaks, 80+ Additional Screens, +100 Health UI Icons. New app feature: Med Management! 👍
  • v1.2: Improved Design System & More UI Components & Variants. Better semantics (inspired by ant, material, carbon, etc). +100 UI Icons & 50 new screens. New app flow: Sleep Management & Utility Screens. Fixed minor dark mode accessibility issue. Optimized Filesize. Also, 1x more bonus dashboard! 💪
  • v1.3: New component & variants: Gradients, paginations, modals. Typography tweak, +8 UI icons, and new app flow: AI symptom checker & doctor appointment. ✨
  • v1.4: +15 UI Icons, Badges & Achievements, design system & accessibility tweak, component update (breadcrumbs, number inputs, accordion). 2x more dashboard.
  • v1.5: Our biggest updates so far. Variant restructuring (boolean property + instance swap support). +120 UI Icons, +27 new screens. Major design system tweaks and optimized filesize.

Licensing & Usage Rights

✔ Do:

  • Use the asklepios UI Kit for personal and commercial projects.
  • Modify and customize the UI Kit to fit your needs.
  • Use the UI Kit in unlimited projects without extra fees.

❌ Don't:

  • Resell, redistribute, or share the UI Kit as is or in collections.
  • Claim ownership of the asklepios UI Kit as your own.
  • Use the UI Kit for illegal, harmful, or offensive purposes.


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