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nightingale icon

680+ Digital Healthtech UI Icon Set

SH nightingale Icon v1.0 is a curated collection of 680+ digital UI icons that encapsulate the connectedness and transformative potential of AI-driven technologies in the healthcare & biotech industry.

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"The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick no harm."
— Florence Nightingale


Introducing SH Nightingale Icon Set: A comprehensive collection of 680+ empowering digital healthcare icons designed to reflect the seamless flow of information within connected healthcare networks.

With a focus on empowering technology and AI-driven solutions, these icons capture the essence of innovation and enable you to visually represent the transformative power of healthcare advancements.


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Product Preview

Product Highlights

  • 680+ Digital Healthtech Icons ✔
  • 4 Icon Styles ✔
  • Holistic Design Principle ✔
  • Pixel Perfect ✔
  • Uniform Consistency ✔
  • Component-Based & Instance Swap ✔
  • Smart Layers & Semantics ✔
  • Optimal SVG Output (No unecessary layers) ✔

File Formats

The SH Nightingale icon set is available exclusively in Figma, offering a seamless and optimized experience for incorporating modern digital healthcare elements into your projects.


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Stay up-to-date with the latest enhancements and improvements as we continue to evolve the SH nightingale icon set.

Check out our changelogs for updates on new icons, design refinements, and additional features to elevate your digital healthcare projects.

  • 2023/08/01: Initial nightingale icon v1.0 public release

Licensing & Usage Rights

✔ Do:

  • Use the SH nightingale icon set for personal and commercial projects.
  • Modify and customize the icons to suit your design requirements.
  • Incorporate the icons into websites, user interfaces, presentations, and other design projects with attribution.

❌ Don't:

  • Resell or distribute the icon set as standalone assets
  • Use the icons in a way that promotes illegal or harmful activities.
  • Claim ownership of the SH nightingale icon set.


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