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asklepios icon

660+ Data-Driven Healthtech UI Icon Set

asklepios icon v1.3 is a data-driven healthtech icon set tailored for the healthcare and biotech industry. Add vitality to your healthcare projects and capture your audience's trust.

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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."
— Hippocrates


Elevate your design projects with the SH asklepios Icon Set. Each icon is meticulously crafted with a holistic design philosophy, representing the perfect harmony of simplicity and balance. With over 660+ variations, you'll find icons covering a wide range of healthcare concepts, allowing you to communicate ideas with clarity and creativity.

The icons seamlessly integrate into various user interfaces and websites, adapting effortlessly to different devices and screen sizes. Whether you're designing a responsive website, a mobile app, or a healthcare software interface where aesthetics and functionality intertwine seamlessly.


data driven
machine learning

Product Preview

Product Highlights

  • 660+ Healthtech Icons
  • 3 Icon Styles
  • Holistic Design Principle
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Uniform Consistency
  • Component-Based & Instance Swap
  • Smart Layers & Semantics
  • Optimal SVG Output (No unecessary layers)

File Formats

The SH asklepios icon Set is exclusively available in Figma format, ensuring seamless integration and optimal editing capabilities. The Figma file provides a comprehensive and user-friendly environment for easy customization and utilization of the icons.


No items found.


Stay informed about updates and improvements to the SH asklepios icon set.

We constantly refine and expand the icon collection based on user feedback and emerging trends in the personalized health and data-driven health domains.

  • v1.0: Initial asklepios icon v1.0 public release
  • v1.1: LOTS of tweaks to the monotone icons. Added 1.5px & 0.5px  rounded corner variation for smaller shapes.
  • v1.2: MASSIVE tweak for all icon styles. Better consistency. 30+ new icons. Chatbots, More data charts & more general UI Icons. Arrows & chevrons now have 3 different optical sizes. Removed kebab case naming. Changed to  lowercase + number prefix.
  • v1.3: 200+ New Icon additions. 👍🌈🤖. All solid icons are outlined to fix the scale instance swap issue. Expanded to fitness, health professions, nutrition, sports, activity, emotions, and more General UI Icons.

Licensing & Usage Rights

✔ Do:

  • Use the SH asklepios icon set for personal and commercial projects.
  • Modify and customize the icons to suit your design requirements.
  • Incorporate the icons into websites, user interfaces, presentations, and other design projects.

❌ Don't:

  • Resell or distribute the icon set as standalone assets
  • Use the icons in a way that promotes illegal or harmful activities.
  • Claim ownership of the SH asklepios icon set.


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